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Research Advisory Tool

A guide for religious studies and humanities resources from the Catholic University of America libraries

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Advanced Search Tips

Phrase Searching

You can search for several words next to each other by enclosing them in quotation marks:

"a key phrase"

This also works for keyword searches.

Excluding Terms

If you want only results that do not mention a specific term, you can exclude that term by prepending a minus sign:

good words -bad -words
words we want -"phrase to exclude"

This also works for keyword searches.

Exact Matches

To match a word or phrase exactly, immediately precede it with an equals sign:

=National Nanotechnology Network

This is usually used with URL and Controlled Name fields. Exact match differs from phrase searching in that with an exact match, the content of the field has to be identical to the search string to be considered a match.

Date Ranges

You can search for dates within a specific range by entering a beginning and end date separated by spaces and a dash:

June 10 2008 - July 19 2010
5/1/04 - 2/10/12

Ranges are inclusive, and most common date formats will work.


To search for values before or after a certain date, precede the date with the appropriate operator:

> 2009             (after 2009)
<= Feb 20 2010     (on or before 2/20/10)

It is also possible to specify relative to the current time:

< 90 minutes ago   (less than 90 minutes ago)
>= 10 days ago     (10 or more days ago)

Comparisons also work with numeric fields:

>= 42              (greater than or equal to 42)
!= 65535           (not equal to 65535)

For dates, most common formats will work. Comparisons are only for Date, Timestamp, and Number fields.

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